Flavour Festival Peterborough, Ontario

The Kawarthas and Northumberland County are blessed with Mother Nature’s warm embrace, her gift of harmony between our geography, climate and soil conditions that allow our fields and farms to flourish.  This is called the “somewhereness” of a region.

Come celebrate with us the somewhereness of the Kawarthas and Northumberland County at our 2013 Flavour Festival. Nibble on gourmet cuisine prepared with local, fresh and seasonal ingredients, crafted by the hands of our award winning and talented chefs, caterers and gourmands. Our chefs use local ingredients to prepare and celebrate Canada’s ethnic diversity.   Our chefs celebrate the flavours of Italy, France, China, Japan, India, Thailand and more!

Sip your way around the world, enjoying wines from Ontario, Italy, Spain, Germany, Chile, South Africa and Australia, to name but a few.  You might also like to quench your thirst by sampling Ontario artisan beers or discover our local spirits for the first time!  Did you know we produce spirits in our region?