Growing Organic

Early in the planning stage for the vineyard, it was decided to use organic viticulture practices. This requires a large amount of hard hand-work and the use of tools and equipment instead of systemic chemicals. We only use natural substances like the Bordeaux Mix (copper sulfate and hydrated lime) and sulfur as fungicide, home-made soap and nettle tea as pesticide. Weed control, for example, is done by hand.Harvesting grapes on prince edward county

Our approach in the vineyard is traditional and very attentive to nature. To care for our grapes, harvest is done by hand only. The fruit is transported to the winery in closed bins for protection

Redtail Vineyard is a totally “green” operation. For full autonomy, our winery is powered by a custom-designed solar system with no connection to the hydro network. The barrel vault is heated and cooled by a Redtail Vineyard Wine Vaultsystem similar to those used 100 years ago for root cellars. And to keep our white wines cool, we use a restored ice box that dates from the early 1900s. In the vineyard, we grow our grapes using organic products only. No chemicals. Organic practices are also in place in the winery. Our wines are truly a gift by Mother Nature, every vintage. Come and taste with us.