Limited Edition Chardonnay

Limited Release  300 bottles Redtail Vineyard 2012 Chardonnay

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ontario chardonnay

My name is Lentil (Bean)… and I used to eat out of a tube.lentilpic

I am a French Bulldog.  I was born on February 2, 2013 with a cleft palate and cleft lip. My 3 brothers and sisters did not survive but I’m a fighter. I was only 5.78oz when my Foster Mom (now my adoptive Mom) took me into her care.

Because of my palate problems, I was unable to eat or drink on my own, so my “Mom” fed me through a tube every couple of hours.

When I was 4 months old my doctors at the University Of Pennsylvania’s Veterinary School decided to operate to close my hard palate cleft to prevent any life-threatening infections or choking. Because my lip is only a cosmetic problem that does not interfere with my eating and drinking, the surgeons agreed to fix just my palate.

Because he still has his quirky-cute appearance, Lentil has become an ‘ambassadog’ for kids with craniofacial issues.He has become a valuable teaching tool in helping patients, especially children, deal with facial defects.

From Lindsay, Lentil’s “Mom”

“I have always looked at Lentil and wondered the reason that he is here.  I (personally) believe that every being is here to make some sort of an impact, or a difference in the world….we all have a purpose.  I’m not sure that I know yet what Lentil’s purpose will be in the future, but one of the most beautiful things that seems to be unfolding is his connection to people that are facing the same issue that he has!

Moving forward…as it seems that’s exactly was Lentil was placed into this world to do- we are collecting for other animals in need through FBRN (, STAR ( and also my wonderful new friends at (Children’s Craniofacial Association)who could use your support for all of the beautiful children and families they are helping!”

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